Jpylyzer 2.2.1 bugfix release

08 April 2024

We just released a first bugfix release for Jpylyzer 2.2. This fixes the following bugs in the 2.2.0 release:

  • The check on the expected tile parts per tile (foundExpectedNumberOfTileParts) got broken at some point, which meant discrepancies between the expected and actual tile parts per tile would go unnoticed1.
  • Jpylyzer would report an “unknown error” message if no bPCSignValues or bPCDepthValues could be read from the Bits Per Components Box. This would typically happen if this box was missing.

In addition, this release fixes a few packaging issues (thanks to Janne Pulkkinen for the contribution), and some problems with the unit tests.

Happy jpylyzing!

  1. As an example, a software bug in Adobe Photoshop’s default JPEG 2000 plugin has been known to result in JPX images with erroneous tile-part information