New location of source repository

20 November 2014

As of today, the source repository of jpylyzer has moved to a new location:

The reason behind this change is the recent name change of the Open Planets Foundation into the Open Preservation Foundation.

The old repo is now empty, and only serves to redirect requests to the jpylyzer homepage through its old URL. From now on please do not use it for any commits or pull requests. We’re aware that this is a bit inconvenient, but as it turned out it wasn’t possible to implement automatic redirects for both the repo and the homepage, so we opted to give priority to the homepage. This means that jpylyzer contributors may need to change their local repo settings. The easiest solution is probably to simply clone the repo from its new location.

New homepage URL

Meanwhile the new URL for the jpylyzer homepage is:

The old URLs still work, but please use the new one when referring to jpylyzer.